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Door Wood Imitation Patterns


If you would like to have plastic doors on the facade of your home but at the same time preserve the elegance of wooden doors and take advantage of modern technologies, “B&W Systems” offers an excellent alternative – plastic doors with laminated wood imitation. Our doors, covered with wood imitation, look as if they were made of real wood.

We offer high-quality, safe, and durable “B&W Systems” plastic doors, which are characterized by exceptional thermal and sound insulation, functionality, and design diversity. These doors are not only available in white, as is most common with plastic doors, but also in colored options, and covered with wood imitation made of PVC. Their surface does not require painting and is easy to clean, remains unchanged for a long time, and the choice of colors is the widest – more than 20 different colors and patterns.

Wood imitation is combined with PVC profile by a special co-extrusion method, making it resistant to mechanical impact and climate conditions.

Advantages of wood imitation profiles:

  • Wide selection of patterns.
  • Natural wood appearance.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • Resistance to sunlight and atmospheric conditions.
  • Easy maintenance and fully recyclable.

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