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Measurement of windows and doors

B&W Systems provides product measurement services. Measuring window and door openings is the first step toward warm and high-quality windows. This is a complex task that requires technical and construction knowledge, as well as years of experience, so it is recommended to entrust this job to our company’s specialists.

Manufactured windows and doors must not be too small, as this would require more installation foam, leading to potential cold bridging in the reveals. Conversely, oversized products will cause significantly more problems, requiring the opening to be enlarged and incurring additional finishing costs.

By contacting a B&W Systems specialist by phone or email and providing preliminary window measurements, i.e., height and width, as well as specifying the planned opening and division, you will receive an initial product price. However, the final price for the replacement or newly installed windows and doors will depend on the exact dimensions of the chosen product and the required work.

To order plastic or wooden windows along with installation or finishing work, it is essential that the window and door openings be measured by a B&W Systems specialist. A designer will visit your home or office, listen to your requirements, and recommend the most suitable windows or doors, providing all the technical information about the product. They will also assess the complexity of the installation or finishing work.

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