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Installation of windows and doors

High-quality window and door installation is one of the most important factors ensuring the impeccable quality and long-term use of new products. The reliability and durability of installed windows and doors largely depend on professionally performed installation work and the use of high-quality sealing materials. The final thermal coefficient and lifespan of the chosen product also depend on the quality of the installation services. When ordering windows and doors, we recommend opting for a complete service package and entrusting the installation of the selected product to the experienced installation specialists at B&W Systems.

B&W Systems adheres to the principle: a good window is a correctly installed window. B&W Systems specialists, by precisely measuring the window openings, assess the specifics of the installation and select the necessary and high-quality installation materials. All this guarantees that the installation work of windows and doors will be carried out professionally, and the chosen windows and doors will serve you for many years.

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