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Wood Imitation Patterns


For those who wish to install wooden windows in their home’s facade that look aesthetically pleasing and have the technological advantages of modern windows, “B&W Systems” offers an excellent alternative: plastic windows laminated to imitate wood texture. German GEALAN profiles are laminated on both sides using a brown-colored profile. This solution enhances the window’s appearance, making even an open window look completely natural – the decorative wood-imitating coating perfectly blends with the overall look. The modern window is constructed according to the type of house and the customer’s preferences.

“B&W Systems” plastic windows with various wood imitation patterns offer all the typical advantages of plastic windows. They do not need repainting, their surface is easy to clean, and it remains unchanged for many years. The wood imitation is specially coextruded with the PVC profile and is resistant to mechanical and atmospheric effects.

Many Lithuanian window manufacturers can offer colored or wood-imitated plastic windows only from the outside or from both sides. “B&W Systems” offers plastic windows that are white on the outside and covered with natural wood patterns on the inside or covered with different wood imitation patterns on both the inside and outside. You can match the color of the plastic windows not only with the exterior but also with the interior of your home. The price of plastic windows does not depend on the chosen pattern or shade.

Advantages of wood imitation profiles:

  • Wide selection of patterns
  • Natural wood appearance
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Resistant to sunlight and atmospheric effects
  • Easy maintenance, fully recyclable

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