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Classical / framed exterior doors


Classic wooden exterior doors, also known as framed doors, are resistant to climate changes, secure, strong, and functional. Due to a special technology, the exterior door panel does not crack or deform.

The construction of framed doors uses a 78 mm/94 mm wooden frame made from two-directional glued wood beams, ensuring extremely high stability of the door frame. The door frame is fitted with a high-quality insulated filler panel or a safe, impact-resistant glass unit of various types.

These exterior doors can be equipped with various security locks, ranging from simple to the most advanced: electronic locks, fingerprint sensors, and more.

The exterior of classic (framed) doors can be clad with durable and long-lasting aluminum, while the interior side retains the natural beauty of the wood.

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    Technical parameters

    Sound insulation rating

    From 32 to 48 dB, depending on the glass unit

    Thermal conductivity coefficient

    U=0.9-1.3 W/(m²K)

    Thermal transmittance coefficient

    0,9 W/(m²K)

    Wind load resistance

    C3 (class)

    Water tightness

    1A (class)

    Oro pralaidumas

    3 (class)