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Sliding Terrace Doors


Sliding Terrace Doors

When space-saving is necessary in a room, sliding terrace doors are the ideal solution because they slide parallel to the fixed part and do not occupy space inside the room when opened. Additionally, there is the option to install a very low door threshold, allowing for seamless integration between two separate spaces, creating a stunning panoramic view.

The thermal conductivity coefficient of sliding patio doors ranges from 0.77 to 0.96 W/m²K, depending on the chosen door profile and glass package features.

Strong, Stable, and Reliable Construction:

  • Sliding patio doors can reach heights of up to 3 m and widths of up to 6 m. Despite their large size, sliding patio doors operate flawlessly, sliding easily and quietly. Thus, they are an ideal solution for large glazed openings.
  • Due to the ability of the tracks to support heavy loads (up to 600 kg) and the presence of additional reinforced wheels, these types of products can be of considerable size.
  • Doors can be equipped with hardware of various security levels.
  • Depending on the chosen door profile and type of glass package, these doors feature excellent thermal insulation properties, sealing, and safety.
  • Patio doors are made from 78, 94, or even 110 mm wide profiles of FSC-certified glued timber: pine, spruce, oak, mahogany, and other exotic species.
  • For the glazing of patio doors, only high-quality and warm glass packages of various types are used.

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