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Inward opening wooden windows EURO 78 ALU are made of selected 3-layer glued wood (78 mm) and clad with aluminum on the exterior side using the versatile “GUTMANN” CORA German system. It is a reliable and durable construction, maximally protected from harmful environmental effects.

EURO 78 ALU wooden windows can be glazed with up to 42 mm thick 2-3 glass new generation warm glass units.

According to tests conducted by KTU, the basic window’s thermal insulation index reaches 1.0 W/(m²K).

Like other EURO profile wooden windows, EURO 78 features an improved triple intermediate system, which not only helps to retain heat but also prevents sound leakage.

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    Technical parameters

    Sound insulation index Rw

    35 dB

    Thermal transmission coefficient

    1,0 W/(m2K)

    Wind load resistance

    C5 (class)

    Water tightness

    600/9A (Pa/class)

    Air permeability

    4 (class)