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A++ class wooden windows EURO 94 ALU can be clad with the “GUTMANN” CORA aluminum system on the exterior. This combines two high-quality materials: a 4-layer glued wood core (94 mm) and a lightweight, sturdy aluminum profile. Choosing such a finish for MEGRAME MEDIS wooden windows or doors eliminates the need for additional exterior maintenance in the future.

The aluminum fully covers and protects the wood from harmful environmental factors on the outside: UV rays, rain, wind, cold, while the wooden window is protected from the inside using a triple intermediate system, which provides the highest level of sealing for the window.

The edges of the sashes and frames are tilted at a 20-degree angle, allowing water, snow, and dirt to be quickly removed from the outer surfaces.

Warm EURO 94 ALU wooden windows can be glazed with up to 48 mm thick 3-glass energy-saving glass unit with two selective glasses.

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    Technical parameters

    Sound insulation index Rw

    35 dB

    Thermal transmission coefficient

    0,8 W/(m²K)

    Wind load resistance

    C5 (class)

    Water tightness

    600/9A (Pa/class)

    Air permeability

    4 (class)