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The A++ class wooden window MIRA is a 2021 MEGRAME MEDIS product and a NEW entry in the market!

This uniquely designed wooden window clad in aluminum is tailored for modern architecture, boasting a very high thermal transmission coefficient (0.76 W/m2K), making it very warm and airtight.

MIRA efficiently combines modern design with safety solutions. Its narrow and lower window frame, large glass areas, and completely concealed opening part ensure maximum light penetration into the room. The entire window profile visually appears flat, making it impossible from the outside to distinguish between the opening and fixed parts of the window. Such window construction adds exclusivity to the building and ensures an important safety element.

The wooden window frame on the outside is clad in aluminum. Our wide range of aluminum paint colors and textured finishes adds even more modernity to the wooden MIRA window.

For those aiming for sustainable energy consumption and efficient heat saving, we offer a 52 mm 2-chamber glass unit with two selective glasses. We also recommend the highly insulated MIRA window with a 66 mm 3-chamber glass unit.

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    Technical parameters

    Sound insulation index Rw

    From 35 dB to 47 dB (at maximum allowable glass package thickness)

    Thermal transmittance coefficient

    0,76 W/(m²K)

    Wind load resistance

    C5 (class)

    Water tightness

    E1200 (Pa/class)

    Air permeability

    4 (class)