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Outward-opening CASEMENT ALU Windows


CASEMENT 60 ALU and CASEMENT 78 ALU – outward-opening wooden windows clad in aluminum are particularly common in Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom. In these regions, strong winds and frequent rains press such windows even more tightly against the frame, reducing air and water permeability.

The lightweight and durable “GUTMANN” CORA aluminum system is attached to the wooden part with special brackets, leaving air gaps between the aluminum and wood – thus preventing moisture buildup on the frame. This system provides optimal protection against adverse weather conditions for the outward-facing side of the windows, ensuring that such windows will serve for decades.

CASEMENT 60 ALU and CASEMENT 78 ALU opening methods:

  • Fixed wooden windows
  • Outward-opening wooden windows
  • Inward-opening wooden windows

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    Technical parameters

    Thermal conductivity coefficient

    0,9- 1,3W/(m²K)

    Thermal transmission coefficient


    Wind load resistance

    1200/C3 (Pa/class)

    Water tightness

    200/5A (Pa/class)

    Air permeability

    600/4 (Pa/class)